We make little games BIG!

Started in 2014 by two dudes (Antonio, the ‘original beard’ & J.P., the ‘artist’) from Mexico who just wanted to make little games, for fun. And they were, fun. But they didn’t make much $$$.

In late 2014, Antonio partnered up with Koza (a.k.a. ‘el presidente’) and they started making apps and games for others. That sucked!

In 2015, HyperBeard added a developer ‘golden boy’ Joe, to round out the team, and started making their own games. They found quick success with their first prototype and struck a deal with well-known publisher for The Balloons; but it failed, hard.

Knocking on death’s door in early 2016, and with nothing to lose, except EVERYTHING, they decided to publish one last game on their own. HyperBeard put all its hope into a silly, little, cute (and very possibly, stupid) game about cats, that steal stuff