Tired of FLIPPIN'? Why not get to FLOPPIN'? Better yet... do both! FLIP and FLOP your way up an oddly cube-shaped mountain in this vertigo-inducing adventure! 

Become the G.O.A.T. and lead a bunch of misfit characters to the top!

Have FUN plotting your course up the mountain. These coins and TREASURES ain't gonna collect themselves! Maybe you think you've mastered all the SLICKEST flips and SMOOTHEST flops, but you haven't! Every level is different. And believe me... there be plenty.

Think FAST! Danger lurks behind you. Better watch your... BUT don't worry, speed is your friend! "Why?!" you ask. We don't know. You'll probably be fine. Relax... BUTT not too much. Best avoid those brown spots. Flip and flop till you get to the tippy tops!

Mo' money, mo' characters! Am I right?! What's the point of being FLIPPIN' rich if you ain't spendin' that bling?! Visit the GACHA and get to spinnin'! Unlock all the flippiest floppers and all the floppiest flippers that fake money can buy!