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Our success comes from our talented and passionately dedicated team. Each member of HyperBeard contributes a unique perspective, breathing life into our games through emotional narratives, captivating design and masterful execution. We aim to make our little games BIG!




By pushing the boundaries of imagination, thinking outside the box, exploring fresh concepts and unconventional ideas we create new gaming experiences.


First and last thing in our scope is player experience, prioritizing it at every stage of development to ensure engaging, accessible, and satisfying games for a wide audience.


We love what we do, and we love to share it! We are a passionate team with genuine interest in the industry and the genre of games we make.


No detail is too small, and every step of development is as important as the other! From Conceptualizing to Player Support, we maintain high standards of quality on every step of the Game Development.


Richness lies in diversity. Our inclusive environment fosters the sharing of experiences, knowledge, and mutual respect, which are also a core values in our games.


We are a curious team in constant change, it is in our DNA to adapt to new trends and layer preferences. New tech and approaches? We’re flexible and capable to embrace them!


We thrive on memorable world building and endearing, perky characters to resonate with our audiences and craft an emotional storytelling experience.


We have the knowledge, we have the skills, but most importantly… We’re gamers ourselves! This mix is our mastery to connect with our target users.


Our Team


one of us!

A new journey of joy and innovation could be waiting for you here, come be a part of it!

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