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Tsuki Adventure 2 is Coming Soon!

The sequel to the smash hit pocket bunny’s adventure has arrived!
Follow Tsuki along the winding path as he explores the Secrets of the World

Friendship will come in the form of a Pocket Partner

Befriend a digital companion as the two of you explore a digital new world & fun activities together.
Fun little activities and memorable moments await!

Ready for your

next adventure?

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Do you have a ‘cute-casual’ game and are in need of a publisher? There’s no better partner than HyperBeard. The mobile market is overcrowded with paid ads from high LTV games made from multi-million dollar budgets, which make it harder for indie studios to break through. That’s where HyperBeard comes in. We drive millions of downloads to our titles, organically, through a mixture of ASO, cross promotion, platform features and yes, we even do paid user acquisition. Learn about how games like Tsuki Adventure & Adorable Home made millions by working with HyperBeard and hear from our developer partners on why HyperBeard is the right choice for their publishing needs.

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