Come and work with us!

HyperBeard is a game studio based in CDMX with BIG ambitions! We are the creators of globally recognized IPs such as KleptoCats & Clawbert which have garnered over 20M downloads, millions in revenue and have expanded into merchandising and animation. 

We are a team of amazing individuals, but more than that, we are a family. Being part of the HyperBeard family is all about passion; which is combination of working hard and having fun.

We love games. We love playing them and we especially love making them! If you love making games and you think you can bring something special to HyperBeard, send us an email to

As we mentioned, the office is based in Mexico City and all the positions are to work with us at the office. So if you apply we will assume that you are from the city or are willing to relocate.

Currently we’re looking for the following positions:

• Web Fullstack
• Unity Mobile Developer
• Artist / Illustrator

Interested?! Check out the full job descriptions below and send us an email.

Characteristics that we look for:

❤ Creative and proactive
❤ Passion for making and playing games 
❤ Working capacity for English
❤ Ability to learn from others
❤ Ability to work with a team
❤ Ability to communicate and take feedback

What we have to offer:

★ Competitive salaries
★ Creative liberty (we value your ideas!)
★ Awesome penthouse office in CDMX
★ Great working environment and flexible hours
★ We only work on our own games (no contract/client work!)


Story/ Copywriter (APPLY)

As the story/ copywriter, you will be tasked with leading or assisting all of HyperBeard's writing needs which includes ongoing text support for content updates and changes, as well as formulating the stories and texts for new games in development. Because most of our games are built for the largest consumer markets (i.e. the USA), it is important that you have a strong grasp of the English language and USA popular culture. 

• Proficiency in English and a demonstrable understanding of USA popular culture
• Adaptable writing style to match different game themes
• Ability to translate literally and conceptually from English to Spanish (and an ability to decide when to do each one)
• Ability to iterate story concepts based on team feedback

Animation Director (APPLY)

As the animation director you will be in charge of HyperBeard’s animation needs. Most importantly as a company that is pushing 8-12 games per year, we need new game trailers. But also VERY importantly, you will also be in charge of a team whose role is to push the KleptoCats and other HyperBeard brands into the animation space by extending the KleptoCats Cartoon Series and creating other awesome animations.

• Experience making amazing illustrations and animations
• Proficiency in 2D animation and After Effects
• Ability to quickly storyboard and refine concepts
• Experience managing an animation team
• Ability to iterate art concepts based on team feedback

Artist / Illustrator (APPLY)

• Experience making illustrations and animations for games
• Knowledge of 2D animation and After Effects
• Ability to quickly prototype and refine concepts
• Ability to work closely with a Unity Mobile Developer
• Ability to iterate art concepts based on team feedback

QA (Quality Assurance) / Game Tester (APPLY)

• Experience testing games on mobile devices (Android & iOS)
• Experience using bug tracking & project management systems (we use Trello)
• Strong attention to detail
• Ability to communicate directly with the games team (Unity Developer & Artist)

Unity Mobile Developer (APPLY)

• Experience making games with Unity for mobile devices (Android & iOS)
• Ability to quickly prototype games
• Ability to work closely with an artist / illustrator
• Ability to iterate based on team feedback
• Game design experience

Web Fullstack (APPLY)

As the web fullstack developer, you will be largely in charge of building out HyperBeard's server side gaming services which help power important services in all of our games. These services are used both internally but also for our external parters (developers who utilize HyperBeard for publishing). You will also help us scale into online/multiplayer gaming experiences when HyperBeard is ready to start making those kinds of games.

• Experience creating front-end web pages for simple to mid-complexity websites
• Back-end web development skills for managing HyperBeard’s game services and web tools