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Creating games with love is our foundation and developing cute, successful IPs is our expertise. Much like our pursuit of excellence, maximizing success in a competitive market is our shared goal.

In our extensive experience in the casual and idle game developing landscape, we’ve traced effective strategies to help you and your IPs navigate around potential pitfalls.

Have you developed a cute, soothing, and idle game ready to captivate casual mobile games audience? Let’s join forces! Our proficient and seasoned team is poised to help it reach extraordinary heights!

The “HyperBeard

Part of developing video games for a thriving yet fast-paced and ever-changing market is being aware of its costs. We approach requests carefully, assessing each change’s ROI –Return of Investment–. If we wouldn’t implement it in our games, we wouldn’t ask you to do it. This is the ‘HyperBeard Advantage’. We won’t be your publisher: we will be your partner! In this partnership, we will help you save time and resources to focus on the boosted profits.




We shape a game’s frame by planning and executing a game’s mechanics, structure, systems, and player experience.


We enhance gameplay stability by identifying and addressing bugs, glitches and any other performance drawbacks to deliver the best gaming experience.

Player Support

We tend to our players' needs by establishing a direct line of communication with them, thus fostering engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction, ultimately contributing to the game's reception.

Engineering Help

We tackle intricate coding, system optimization, or any other technical issues with the expertise of our engineering teams.


We ideate, create and deliver the game’s written communication, from narrative or lore-focused in-game copy to marketing and publishing needs.


Let’s track and analyze your game’s behavior in digital consumer ecosystems, so we can make sure your game is a big splash success.


Are you new or don’t really know where to go with your in-game stores optimization and how to drive high eCPMs? We’ve got you covered!


We have a strong cross-promo network that drives installs from our other games to yours, especially during launch. Get those downloads up!


You can count on a strong team that makes your games available for a wide array of languages, beginning from Spanish, English, and Japanese to many more languages.


We've demonstrated a surprising ability to adapt our IPs to give them the best chance of success in the physical space.

Long-term relationship

We like to work with our partners as if they were an extension of our team. We learn from each other and we get better.



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